Advisory Board

Search Quest Partners is proud to introduce you to our advisory board, a group of well connected professionals with vast industry experience in the hotel and hospitality business. Our advisory board is consistently keeping us abreast of the ever changing profession and advising us whenever challenges present themselves. We believe this group of individuals gives us an advantage over other firms because of their expertise and everyday experience in the marketplace. 

Patrick Filatre

General Manager
Hilton Suites Chicago

Karen Wiley

VP of Sales & Marketing/CEO
Wiley Hospitality Consulting

Mark Tester

Austin, TX Convention Center and Palmer Events Center

Steve Chiappetti

Executive Chef
Purely Simple Kitchen
Restaurant, Concepts and Applications

Nathan Swanson

Director of Human Resources
Virgin Hotels Chicago

Seth Randall

Director of Revenue Management
Marriott International

Michael Willson, CMP

Director of Sales & Marketing,

Hotel Zachary Chicago